Derek Miedema appears before a Senate Committee to argue against gambling expansion

October 18, 2012

Derek Miedema appeared as a witness before the Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs.

He argued against the passing of Bill C-290, which would allow betting on individual sports events across Canada. Two paints were the foundation of these arguments. First, problem gambling inflicts profound damage on the families and communities of gambling addicts. Second, provincial governments are themselves addicted to gambling revenue and cannot be trusted with the proposed expansion.

His presentation was followed by questions from committee members.

Read Derek Miedema's presentation here.

Read the transcipt of the meeting at which Derek Miedema testified here.

View Derek Miedema's presentation below.

Derek Miedema responds to a question about what can be done to combat gambling addiction.

View Derek Miedema's presentation including all follow up questions from the committee members here.