Peter Jon Mitchell

Director of Research

Peter Jon Mitchell is director of research at the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada.

His research and writing reflect his prior hands-on experience working with youth, focusing on youth and family issues including parental influence on teen sexual choices, family involvement in the youth criminal justice process and education.

He is the author of several ground breaking reports including an examination of Canada’s demographic decline in Canada’s Shrinking Families and a look at the family roots of the homeless in Homelessness and Family Contact. He has also taken on the topic of adoption in Fostering Adoption, an assessment of what might expedite Canada’s difficult adoption environment. Active in the media, Peter Jon comments on youth and family issues for print, radio and television media and his research has been covered by Maclean’s, CBC Radio and Radio Canada.

Peter Jon studied society, culture and public policy issues at the Focus Leadership Institute in Colorado and has a degree in history and political science from the University of Western Ontario. He has earned a Master of Theological Studies and the advanced degree Master of Theology from Tyndale Seminary.

Peter Jon grew up in southwestern Ontario and currently resides in Ottawa. In his spare time, he enjoys paddling, keenly exploring the lakes and rivers of eastern Ontario.