POLL: New national childcare poll released today

May 23, 2013  |  by IMFC

Canadian parents matter. They are the most important input into their children’s lives. They are the ones doing the hard work of raising children.

Unfortunately, those designing public policy don’t often turn to parents to ask what they prefer when it comes to childcare choices.

When Canadians are asked what the best childcare arrangements are for children under six, the majority at 76% believe it is good when a parent is home. This is their distinct preference when contrasted with a competent caregiver.

This holds true across age, income, gender, working arrangements and, to a lesser extent, across regional lines.

On funding, Canadians prefer, not surprisingly, to see funding go directly to them, rather than into school bureaucracies or institutional daycare.A total of 61% of Canadians believe that when it comes to government funding of childcare, funding should go directly to parents.

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Poll: Canadian daycare desires

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Questions and methodology
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