Canadian daycare desires, Part II

Attitudes toward daycare in Quebec

August 29, 2013  |  by Derek Miedema, Researcher, Institute of Marriage and Family Canada

Executive Summary

The Institute of Marriage and Family Canada recently released a poll about parental attitudes toward dayare. It revealed that 76% of Canadians believe the best place for children under six is at home with a parent. This belief is remarkably consistent across age, income, gender and working arrangements.

Regionally, however, there is some variation. Some of the most significant differences are in Québec. There, only 70% hold that the best place for children under six is at home with a parent. While this is still seven in ten Canadians, it is the lowest of all the regions polled.

Furthermore, the differences widen with other questions. When a parent can’t stay home, only 34% of Québecers prefer a relative as caregiver. This is low compared to an average of 55% across
the rest of the country.

The most surprising difference comes when asking about the best way to fund child care. Forty-five percent of Québecers prefer cash payments to parents compared to an average of 25% elsewhere in Canada. This desire stands in contrast to the system they have, which funds daycare centres, not parents.

Québec—distinct in many ways—is clearly also distinct with regards to childcare preferences. It could be that the creation of a provincially-funded daycare system has played a role in changing this result. Further research is required to probe to what extent Québecers actually want the system they have, where funding goes to daycares, not parents.

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Canadian daycare desires part II: Quebec (August 2013)

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