Virtual Hospice

June 17, 2015  |  by Derek Miedema

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Living the revolution: #CropTopDay

June 10, 2015  |  by Andrea Mrozek and Rebecca Walberg

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How euthanasia changed Holland

April 23, 2015  |  by Derek Miedema

A review of Do You Call This A Life?  Blurred Boundaries in the Netherlands’ Right-to-Die Laws by Gerbert van...Read more »

Making sex education work

November 19, 2014  |  by Peter Jon Mitchell

Tips for Ontario and other provinces revising their curricula – and tips for parents Read more »

Debunking three myths about assisted dying

August 25, 2014  |  by Derek Miedema

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Suppression of conscience is bad medicine

July 31, 2014  |  by Andrea Mrozek

Taking away doctors’ conscience rights in Ontario doesn’t help women Read more »