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Calgary Herald: Parents need to be their childrens' chief sex educator

November 19, 2014  |  by Peter Stockland

Excerpt: "'Parents are their child’s primary sex educator,' writes Peter Jon Mitchell in the study issued by the... Read more »

Sun TV: Peter Jon Mitchell discusses parents' role in sex education

November 19, 2014

Parents are the primary educators of their children. Is the Ontario provincial government acknowledging this as... Watch video » Read more »

CBC The Current: Who wins and who loses with income splitting

November 10, 2014

Host Anna Maria Tremonti discusses income splitting with two guests who each take a different side on the issue.... Read more »

Globe and Mail: Letting families keep more of their money is good policy

October 31, 2014  |  by Andrea Mrozek, Executive Director of the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada

Read this article on the Globe and Mail website here. The idea of income splitting for Canadian families has... Read more »

News Talk 770: Derek Rogusky discusses income splitting

October 31, 2014

Is income splitting a good way to spend government money? Derek Rogusky discusses with Roger Kingkade and Rob... Listen to audio » Read more »

CFRA Ottawa: Andrea Mrozek discusses income splitting with Steve Madely

October 30, 2014

Andrea Mrozek discusses why income splitting is equitable--as are any measures that allow parents to keep more... Listen to audio » Read more »