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580 CFRA: Ontario's new sex-ed curriculum

October 15, 2015

Brian Lilley interviews Andrea Mrozek about the IMFC's new video, Ten things parents need to know about the new... Listen to audio » Read more »

Toronto Sun: Quebec daycare taking a toll on kids

September 24, 2015  |  by Andrea Mrozek, Executive Director

This week three well-respected, award-winning economists released new longitudinal research tracking the toll... View PDF » Read more »

National Post: Several studies have now shown the dangers of daycare

September 23, 2015  |  by Tasha Kheiriddin

Our report on Sweden's national daycare system is cited in this summary of the latest research. Excerpt: "Indeed... Read more »

Mercatornet: The glaring omission from sex education

September 8, 2015

Peter Jon Mitchell's reporting on Ontario's new sex-ed curriculum gets coverage from our friends in Australia.... Read more »

Financial Post: Scandinavian Unexceptionalism

September 2, 2015  |  by Andrea Mrozek

Sweden. Home to IKEA, the Swedish Chef, those tasty meatballs … and the most comprehensive cradleto-grave welfare... View PDF » Read more »

CTV News: Ontario sex-ed curriculum protests go province-wide

September 2, 2015

Excerpt: "Sex education is always going to be controversial, but there are probably two main reasons why this... Read more »