Latest News Life and family leaders react to Ontario College of Physicians’ draft policy

December 17, 2014  |  by Pete Baklinski

Excerpt: "'We can say goodbye to a slew of good doctors in Ontario [if the policy passes],' Andrea Mrozek,... Read more »

Calgary Herald: Ghomeshi case is a wake-up call

December 6, 2014  |  by Andrea Mrozek and Rebecca Walberg

Laying five charges against Jian Ghomeshi closes only the opening chapter in a scandal that began with his... View PDF » Read more »

PanAm Post: Assisted suicide laws empower doctors to prescribe death

November 26, 2014  |  by Derek Miedema

Brittany Maynard’s choice to kill herself thrust assisted suicide into headlines around North America. It’s... Read more » Like it or not, there's a link between poverty and marriage

November 24, 2014  |  by Tasha Kheiriddin

Excerpt: "Also this year, the IMFC published a study on the relationship between marriage and wealth in Canada. It... Read more »

CFRA Ottawa: Peter Jon Mitchell discusses parents' role in sex education

November 20, 2014

 Peter Jon Mitchell discusses the primary role parents have as sex educators with John Counsell. Listen to audio » Read more »

Calgary Herald: Parents need to be their children's chief sex educator

November 19, 2014  |  by Peter Stockland

Excerpt: "'Parents are their child’s primary sex educator,' writes Peter Jon Mitchell in the study issued by the... Read more »