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Supreme Court of Canada strikes down existing protections against assisted suicide

February 6, 2015

Ottawa—Today the Supreme Court of Canada has struck down Canada’s existing laws against assisted suicide which... Read more »

Parents’ role should not be ignored in school-based sex education

November 19, 2014

Research shows parents more influential than curriculum Ottawa, Canada – The Institute of Marriage and Family... View PDF » Read more »

Family tax cut levels the playing field for Canadian families

October 30, 2014

Ottawa — Today’s federal government announcement to allow income splitting will help level the financial playing... View PDF » Read more »

Myths about income splitting a disservice to Canadian families

June 25, 2014

Ottawa—The Institute of Marriage and Family Canada is debunking myths about income splitting with its new report,... View PDF » Read more »

New prostitution laws on the right track

June 4, 2014

Ottawa—The Institute of Marriage and Family Canada is pleased with the direction taken by proposed prostitution... View PDF » Read more »

Impact of abortion on women, relationships underpublicized

May 12, 2014

Ottawa, Canada – A new report by the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada highlights “typically ignored”... View PDF » Read more »